Atelier Nick Barna

Small Items & Accessories

Turned Budvases

A balance of whimsy and technical precision.
— Removable glass insert for water
— 3-4”Ø x 6-8”H
— $45

Carved Dishes

A home for your keys or loose change, an elegant snack server, or a centerpiece for the table - we’re at your service!
— Various shapes & sizes from 6”Ø to 20”
— Food safe oil finish
— $25 small, $35 medium, $45-60 large

Candle Holders

An elegant way to add a little light.
— 3”Ø - 5”H
— Catches the occasional drip
— Fits standard size candles
— $35

Magazine/Book Holder

No need to be shy book lovers - put it on display!
— Solid wood
— 12”L x 13”H x 6”W
— $220 in Walnut

Plant Stands

Your plants would like to feel special too.
— Made to suit your pot diameter and desired height
— Starts at $95 for 8-12”Ø short sizes (6-18” high)