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2017 is ON

2017 brings many new opportunities. I look forward to sharing more of my own designs in solid wood furniture as well as refining my cabinetry craft. 

I'm currently accepting new clients for the upcoming months. If you're someone who appreciates finely handcrafted functional modern furniture and cabinetry I would love to hear from you

Looking back, a lot has been accomplished in the past year! First, my wife and I finished and moved into our own new home in Chelsea, which included designing a building new kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, as well as two built in closets (so far). Then came a beautiful Shoji Screen project for a retreat cabin. The summer was busy with an elegant Walnut and Bleached Ash Vanity and the exquisite Modern Solid Walnut Kitchen. No rest through autumn with a 600 bottle White Oak Wine Cellar and a couple custom closets and laundry cabinets.  The year closed out with a finely detailed Butterfly-leaf Harvest table and a handful of small items before the holidays. Whew!

All the best in 2017!!!

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