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Finishing off a Busy Summer

After reopening for business in May, I have been fortunate to come into a series of projects for a client that kept me busy all summer long. After completing a Modern Solid Walnut Kitchen, a White Oak Wine Cellar, a Bleached White Ash and Walnut Vanity, a Walk-in Closet, and a few smaller objects (Walnut Milk Crate), I'm just now finding the time to post about it. Check out the Catalogue page for some updates! 

I post regularly to Instagram - follow me there! Or Fb if that's your thing.

As we transition (all too quickly) into winter, I'm also shifting gears. I have a few smaller furniture projects coming and I'm excited to be designing some new things...

I'm always eager to hear from you about a new piece or a project that interests you!

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