Atelier Nick Barna
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Rigorous attention to detail and uncompromising quality sets my work apart from the mass produced disposable objects that pervade our lives. I use only quality hardwoods and take care to select each piece of lumber for it's grain, strength and stability. Each piece is meticulously crafted using time honoured principles and joinery techniques.

When I am crafting a new piece I study and contemplate every detail. I always pay close attention to the client's particular situation and needs. My aim is to produce a design that suits you perfectly and becomes a harmonious and uplifting part of your environment and your life.


The Craftsman

The son of an engineer and an elementary school teacher, I grew up around tools and construction sites. I have always had a strong creative side and a natural feeling for spatial relationships. In 2000, I received a degree in Fine Art with honors from the Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore. After college I worked in various museums, handling and installing artwork, and fabricating 'furniture' for exhibits. It wasn't fine work, but it felt good to create things that people found useful.

Eventually, after building many things for myself, friends began to ask if I would build things for them. After seeing the reactions of my first clients, I bought a few pieces of machinery and founded my woodworking business in 2009. For a number of years I shared a workshop with other skilled craftsmen from whom I learned a great deal. I continued to try new things, I studied, practiced, and refined my craft.

In 2013 I married and moved to Ottawa. The next year my wife and I purchased a small lot in Chelsea, Québec with a tiny old farm cottage on it. I promptly built a new workshop and in early 2015 I relocated my business from Baltimore. The following year we built a beautiful new home on our land to accommodate our growing family.

At present, I continue to challenge myself to design exciting new pieces and expand my skillset as a craftsman. I have also begun to utilize new production technologies – like laser cut steel, water jet cut brass, and CNC cut wood panels – that allow me to realize further design possibilities.